We at proudout.com love to keep it simple.

For this, we tried to make the booking of your advertising as simple as possible.



AdSpace – the classical

With AdSpace you promoting your products in over 40 Countries and over 500 Cities.

Two questions to your advertisement:

1. Choose your size (of your ad of course):

Wide Skyskraper | 160 x 600 Pixel | proudout.com desktop site

Super Banner | 728 x 90 Pixel | proudout.com desktop site

Medium Rectangle | 300 x 250 Pixel | proudout.com mobile site

You can book one, two or all three sizes together.

2. Choose the quantity:

10,000 Impressions (EUR 99*)

15,000 Impressions (EUR 135*)

20,000 Impressions (EUR 179*)

For other numbers of impressions (min. 1,000 impressions) or our special offers for startups and small businesses, contact our sales team via advertise@proudout.com.



Social-Media-Push (SMP) – the new way

SMP brings you to thousands of our Followers.

Our social-media-push includes (EUR 19*):

1 posts on Twitter,

1 post on Facebook

1 shout-out on Instagram



For further questions or an offer tailored to you, please contact us at advertise@proudout.com


*ALL PRICES EXCL. VAT | ALL PRICES in EUR | Payable after booking