About proudout.com

Proudout is one of the most comprehensive directories for LGBT events worldwide. The idea was born in 2014. But it took more than a year to decide to realize the project. With Proudout we want to make it easier for the entire LGBT community to enjoy their leisure time. For this reason, our goal is to list all kinds of events for the entire community.


In the end of 2015 the founders Ingo and Manuel founded the sensationCLICK! UG, the company behind proudout.com. In early 2016, proudout went online.


Proudout has successively expanded its range of services. With proudJOBS, the LGBT job board and proudAWAY, the LGBT travel directory.


Our head office is in Germany, but our team and our partners are global.


Curriculum Vitae

Name: (about) proudout.com
Address: Internet
Gender: neutral
Date of birth: 2014
Place of birth: Cologne (Germany)
Language skills: English (German, French and Spanish will follow)
Radio experience:
Parents: sensationCLICK! UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Siblings: proudOFFER and proudJOBS
Job title: Website for worldwide LGBTQ-Events
Hobbies: promoting parties, community meetings, sport events, pride events…
Life goal: being the website for the whole LGBTQ – Community all over the globe
Motto: different worlds. one network.

Positive characteristics:

  • Worldwide available.

  • All LGBTQ and Friends are welcome.

  • All kinds of events are welcome (exclude sex-parties or pornography).

negative characteristics:


For further informaion, don´t hesitate to contact us!