Adding a LGBT relevant event is easy and free. Simply use one of our two methods for submission.


Either you send us the URL of an event already listed on the Internet (URL Submission) or you send us the relevant information (Event Data Submission).


Please note that we review each submission prior to publication. You will normally receive feedback within 48 hours, whether we will add your event in our event directory and, if not, why we do not publish your event.


Some examples of which events we are not publishing:
– Violence or drug promoting events.
– Commercial travel offers (these can be added at proudAWAY).
– Obviously not LGBT relevant events.


We look forward to your event.


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If you would like to add an existing event to Proudout, simply send us the link for this event and we will do the rest. (Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, Outsaavy, your homepage etc. – no general website links):

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In addition to the free listing on proudout.com, we have put together a special offer for you to promote your event. You can find further information in our event promotions package.


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We offer premium advertising spaces to promote your bar, club, event location, community center or organization.


The advertising spaces are at the top of each city or country page. The advertising space is exclusively available to a partner for a full twelve months.


For more information, please see our Venue Package.


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