LA Laura Paris

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  • Often compared to Madonna or Lady Gaga for her charisma, artistic creativity and collaborations with the French Touch, LA Laura Paris is a French, young, Pop-Electro, multi talented artist who does it all, as a singer-songwriter, composer, musician, DJ producer, choreographer, and Film Director.


    LA Laura Paris is a writer, composer, performer, producer, choreographer, and directs her own music videos, including her previous single “I’m leaving right away” which won an award at the Fashion Film Festival in San Diego, California. .
    She has also been DJing and mixing for the legendary French radio station FG Radio since 2020, which has led her to work with French and international DJs and producers. She is also surrounded by American talents in the production of her songs and videos.


    “Kissing Boys”, will be released on April 29, 2022




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