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  • At Remitly, diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, is deeply rooted in our purpose and mission. Our focus every day is to tirelessly deliver for our customers, many of whom are immigrants. Internally, we are committed to continuously improving on our policies, practices, and programs that make our culture more equitable and inclusive.


    We have several channels for employees to share news and information, so we may deepen our knowledge. We regularly hold activities around DEI and make space for everyone to share their experiences and thoughts with the team.


    Our mission is to be the most trusted digital financial services company for immigrants and their families on the planet. Remitly has served over 5 million customers and sent over $15 billion around the world.


    With its reliable and easy-to-use app, customers can send money internationally to their loved ones with peace of mind. We’ve been featured in Geekwire, Forbes, TechCrunch, Nasdaq, Business Wire, and more.