Alternative Care Services

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Business Category: Health & Medical and Care ServiceBusiness Tags: LGBT Community

  • Alternative Care Services provides compassion, respect, honesty, and impeccable service at all times. We ensure our service users and UNIQUECarers are included in decision-making processes, making sure all needs are met.


    Created for all the LGBT+ population, the company departs from the traditional care companies and challenges the norms of social care in order to provide the very best care for all of its clients.


    We take pleasure and pride in providing high-quality, safe, expert care to the LGBT+ communities. Our UNIQUECarers allow people who we support to maintain their lifestyles, gender identity and sexuality without fear of judgment, discrimination or phobia of any kind. At Alternative Care Services, LGBT+ care is our first thought, and more than 80% of our carefully-selected staff come from the community. Our staff receive specialist training beyond the requirements of the CQC and can provide dementia, HIV, respite, young adult and personal care.


    Our UNIQUECarers are all specially trained and deliver personal centred care
    We personally match you with our UNIQUECarers who understands your needs
    We actively recruit from the LGBT+ community
    We use a rigorous recruitment process to ensure we employ the very best





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