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    What counts as a venue?


    For the free venue listing, a venue is a place where events for the LGBTQ+ community take place or where our community meets. For example, cafes, bars, restaurants or meeting places like community centres. It does not include accommodation, stores or resorts. We offer separate listings for these.



    Can decline submission?


    Yes. is aimed at an audience of all ages. It is, therefore, important to us that the listings on also meet this requirement. Among other things, we do not allow the promotion of glorifying violence, promote hate, or encourage the use of drugs. Furthermore, if you don’t meet the criteria as a venue (see above). The rejection does not incur any costs.



    How long will it take for my LGBTQ+ venue to be online?


    Publication usually takes 48 hours (on working days). In exceptional cases, it can take up to 72 hours.


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