Showcase your support for the LGBTQ+ community and promote your business or service by listing it in our business directory.

Together with over a hundred who have already listed their LGBTQ+-friendly business or service, you will make the world a more inclusive and welcoming space for our community.

Why is this important for our community?

Discrimination and hate are everyday realities for many people in our community, both in their private and public lives. This makes them feel insecure and vulnerable. Supporting our community by identifying and promoting safe and welcoming spaces like yours is crucial. Wouldn’t we all like to live, work, shop and use services with a good feeling and without fear?
Your listing as LGBTQ+-friendly business or service helps even more. As part of our community commitment, we donate 1% of your listing fee to Switchboard (UK) and the LGBT National Help Center (USA) to provide life-saving helplines.

What are the benefits of a listing for my LGBTQ+-friendly business?

Our business directory attracts loyal customers with often high buying power. Our well-connected community provides recommendations based on their experiences, leading to a wider customer base.

Moreover, demonstrating that you provide a safe and inclusive environment can enhance your brand image and attract even more people from other communities.

You can find a detailed description of what is included in your listing as LGBTQ+-friendly business below.

However, it is important that you and your team embody openness and tolerance. In case you only want to get more customers or need the listing for marketing purposes without actually supporting the LGBTQ+ Community, then we kindly ask you to register in a directory other than ours.
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The listing includes:


  • Description (up to 200 words)
  • Gallery (1 x Logo, 3 x Image, 1 x YouTube video)
  • Contact information (address, phone, email)
  • Links (social media, website, app-stores)
  • Information about opening/service hours
  • Opportunity to promote special offers
  • Your logo in our Business-Finder rotation on our HOME – page
  • Your logo in our “LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY SERVICES & COMPANIES” rotation on every event – page
  • At least one article in our blog (category: FROM OUR BUSINESS DIRECTORY PARTNERS)
  • No duration, no recurring fees
  • Community support through you


Price: USD 500,-*




*The fee is charged once for the entry in our business directory. There are no annual subscription fees. All fees are exclusive of VAT. Payment is made during the ordering process and via our service provider Stripe, which offers various payment options depending on your location.




START YOUR LISTING NOW! is currently in a restructuring phase. During this time it is unfortunately not possible to book a listing. Please recheck this page in the next few days.









Why does Proudout charge a fee?


Proudout is a small, self-funded company that provides services to the LGBTQ+ community. In order to maintain and operate our infrastructure, we require funds which cannot be generated solely through advertisements. Therefore, we charge a one-time fee for businesses to be listed in our directory. There are no additional costs after the initial listing fee.


How long will it take for my listing to be online?


Publication usually takes 36 hours (on working days). In exceptional cases, it can take up to 48 hours.


What happens after I press Book & Pay?


1. You will be redirected to our payment service provider to make your payment.


2. After completing the payment, you will receive an email with an invoice and further information within 24 hours.


3. After you provide us with all the necessary information for the listing, we will put your company online, usually within 36 hours.



How long will my listing be online?


Your listing will be online for as long as you want. We offer the listing without a fixed term.


If you ever want to delete the entry, just send us an e-mail, and we will delete the listing from our directory.


Are there recurring costs for the listing?


No, we charge a one-time fee for the entry in our directory. That is all. We do not charge any ongoing or recurring fees.


Can I update my listing?


Yes, you can update your listing at any time. Just send us an email with the data you want to edit.


For whom is the listing worth it?


In principle, the listing is worthwhile for all companies and service providers. Regardless of size or regional orientation.


Since we have an audience from all social classes, genders, ages and professional groups on Proudout.


As long as you are at least an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and welcome them with open arms and they can be safe with you.


Can refuse my order?


Yes. is aimed at an audience of all ages. It is therefore important to us that the listings on also meets this requirement. Among other things, we do not allow the promotion of glorifying violence, promoting hate, or encouraging the use of drugs. The rejection does not incur any costs. We will refund any fees paid.



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