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Lets go on a Safari to Uganda…

The Pearl of Africa” as is fondly referred to, Uganda is a land of contrasts. A destination that every discerning traveller must visit and revere.

In half a day, you can drive from mist shrouded volcanic mountains to hot hazy savannah, dappled with wild life, serene undulating hills of tea plantations, lush but ordered give away to tangled jungle and rain forests with the musical accompaniments of chaotic cacophonous bird life…it is amazing. This country is a land of contrasts.
Small as it is, the landscape, the people, wildlife and culture I mind boggling. If I were asked to describe this country, I would say, it is the one place where you can see all of Africa.
In 2012, the Lonely planet (, the world’s most extensive selection of travel advise and tips, named Uganda as the “Best Country to Visit”. Five years on, the same website has named Uganda as “Still best choice in all of Africa”. But not every traveller has seen these praises. Here is more about a Safari in Uganda…

Uganda is alive and different with every safari.

The tiniest sunbirds iridescent in the morning light, the massive lumbering yet silent elephants disappearing like a vapour behind trees, chimpanzees lashing about the forest canopy, the lugubrious Mountain Gorilla chewing away thoughtfully in the forests, the River Nile thundering its way up north to Egypt (the wolrds longest river) and the beaches of Lake Victoria (the second largest lake in the world). This country can never be the same. Did I mention the big five? Its all here.

Gorilla tracking through the Bwindi impenetrable forests is an obvious highlight to any Uganda Safari. However, Uganda is not a one hit wonder. The awe inspiring Murchison falls on the Nile, and the endless savannah in Queen Elizabeth, as well as the vast arid park in Kidepo valley offer fascinating varied safari experiences with good populations of lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, giraffe as well as chimpanzees and the incredible shoe bill stock.
Uganda can be visited any time of year. However, the long rains during April and May should be avoided if possible as these can make gorilla trekking hard work. We can safely say, Uganda is hot and wet though out the year.
As it is with any travel abroad, choosing a travel planner is essential. Uganda is not any different. This is where we – The Uganda Safari Chapter comes in, exceeding all expectations.


Why Safari Chapter

We are an independent tour operator specializing in safari travel to Uganda . Our highly experienced team is ready to the safari holiday that best suits you, whether you are planning a honey moon, a family holiday, a first time visit to the pearl of Africa or a return trip to a favorite lodge.
We are your ground handler of choice. We can book all your travel arrangements in Uganda. This ranges from flights, accommodation, transfers, car hire, and all manner of activities and excursions. All you need you need to do is arrange your travel to Entebbe International airport in Uganda.
We are a fully registered tour operator in Uganda with the Association of Uganda Tour operators association (AUTO) and Association of travel agents (ATA). We are also a registered business in the republic of Uganda. On top of this, we are covered by insurance. This means that any money paid to us is protected as we are regulated. We use only reputable facilities and expert guides. On top of that, we are enthusiastic, easy to deal with, and professional.



Our Ugandan safari Directors have over 20 years combined experience in ground handling and tour operations. They have served tourists and customers with grace and style.
Our connections run deep in many of the most beautiful and exotic places in Uganda. The long history and unbroken thread of relationships and strong bonds of friendships and partnerships we have nurtured in the tourism industry is something we are exceedingly proud of.
Our respect for conservation and culture is just one of the things that makes us different. A tradition of travelling in style and receiving excellent service is a hallmark of the Uganda safari chapter travel experience. It will be just one of the reasons tourists come with us time after time and refer their closest friends and families to our team of experts.


People are everything. They make the tours and places we visit come alive. It all starts with a talented staff that guides you through the planning of your journey. Our staff are experts on Uganda. Their passion is to craft a journey that respects your vision and personal taste, carries you through your adventure, then brings you safely home. Our guides are the very best in Uganda, representing close relationships we have honored for many years. They bring places to life in unexpected revealing ways. The insider knowledge they convey and the fun and spirited way they deliver it are just some of the reasons you are able to reach deep into the heart of Uganda.
Our professional staff, guides and escorts welcome the opportunity to help you make the most of your personal travels of discovery. Let us discover Uganda together. Uganda, the way we know it.

It begins with listening to your dreams and what you have visualized as the starting point. Crafting a truly personalized itinerary is the key to making it real. Our staff are experts at knowing what is possible, practical and advisable. In today’s world, this knowledge is priceless. Every detail, from check in, to managing all transportation is handled with poise and grace. Hands on care and individual attention is provided exclusively by our staff. This means you re free to enjoy your once in a lifetime adventure with uncommon ease. The genuine love and depth of knowledge our staff and guides bestow upon you at every turn helps make your journey truly unforgettable.


When every possible detail of your journey is thoughtfully prepared, a peaceful state of mind is possible. With our extensive history, planning and managing tours for our customers has given us a unique perspective on travel and service excellence. Through the in depth relationships we have developed and our vast experience in Ugandan safaris, we are fortunate to have gained a great understanding and appreciation of the intricacies and beauty of the cultures and people we visit. We have also learned well what satisfies the most discriminating traveller. We seek out the best of class amenities that match our customers desires. The combination of unparalleled experience and passionate attention to details yields peace of mind that makes it possible to relax and be free to embrace your chosen adventure.


We know a luxurious room or lavish tent while on safari, as well as impeccable service are essential elements to your comfort after a day of exploration. While enroute, we always have beverages on hand and ensure that every vehicle has plenty of space so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. We also make sure you experience superb cuisine infused with the energy and spirit of the cultures you visit.
Know that Uganda safari chapter cares about you, your experience and the people and culture we visit together. We value our long standing relations and are sensitive to delicate balance of the cultures, traditions and the natural ecology of every community. Our staff act accordingly and will be equipped, well trained and prepared to handle every aspect of your safari.
Whether you are travelling privately or with family and friends, Uganda safari chapter guarantees that all of out tours and packages include costs upfront. You will never be asked to pay for optional excursions that should have already been included. Our philosophy is simple: All internal flights, hotels, primary meals and special events arranged are included in the price. We design our safaris in a way that makes it easy to add them on to the beginning, middle or end of an adventure.

We believe travel is one of the most liberating and fulfilling things people can do in their lives. It opens up a chance to make discoveries that help us learn, grow and better understand our world and ourselves. From exotic romantic getaways to a traditional grand tour of Uganda, The Uganda Safari Chapter can help unlock the mysteries of some of the most intriguing places in Uganda. We invite you to imagine what your journey could be when you look at our safari packages, and remember, we can be your expert safari planner when you are ready to make it come to life.
Your journey begins the moment you imagine yourself in an adventure. It could be a solo adventure, a trip with your family or a group of cherished friends. Think of us as a window to Uganda for the ultimate experience. Think of us as a gateway to making it real.
You may start with one of our signature safaris and add other dream excursions to make your dream complete. Our team of professionals is here to craft a safari that you desire.

Further information on the situation of the LGBTI Community:

Note: Uganda as a country may not view homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, but we have chosen not to persecute those. We are a very friendly people and in particular our tourists will be very safe as they will be in the hands and guidance of our tour guides and safari specialists.
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