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Business Category: Shopping and Drag suppliesBusiness Tags: LGBTQ+ friendly

  • DragShop.com is a platform with many Drag Queen Shops offering their products. We have a strong policy that each drag store must adhere to in order to sell on DragShop. Such as quality of products, timely deliveries, LGBTQ+. And of course, their products must be for Drag Queens. We prefer to work with a smaller but stable number of stores that cover all Drag Queen trends so that we can maintain the quality and therefore your satisfied shopping experience.


    These webshops cover all products you could need as a Drag Queen, like Drag Costumes, Wigs for Drag Queens, Drag Queen Heels (also in big sizes) Paddings and Breast plates, Corsets, makeup. Also unique designs of Drag Queens Fans. And the ruffle Organza Boa´s. You name it you can find it on DragShop.com